Allegiant Stadium uses Microsoft Power BI to control the indoor climate and monitor sustainability

Allegiant Stadium uses Microsoft Power BI to control the indoor climate and monitor sustainability

Microsoft/Allegiant Stadium

The sustainability dashboard is helping the stadium to visualise data and electrical consumption

Amber Hickman |

Allegiant Stadium in Nevada, Las Vegas, has used Microsoft Power BI to maintain indoor temperatures whilst monitoring sustainability. 

Summer temperatures in Nevada often exceed 37C (100F), which makes it important for the stadium to maintain a cool climate inside. However, this is difficult to do whilst keeping energy use and costs low. 

By implementing a sustainability dashboard on Microsoft Power BI, the stadium has streamlined climate control and improved how it management its systems. 

“With the Power BI dashboard, we can take into account the weather, the forecasted temperature, and the electrical consumption rate for the day and make an informed decision about how we’ll run the plant for the day to set the stadium up for the day’s events,” said Joseph Wright, senior director of facilities operation at Allegiant Stadium in an interview on the Microsoft blog. “The dashboard takes raw data from our building management system and combines it with the electrical and climate data to deliver the information we need in an easily consumable, real-time way that helps us take the right actions at the right time.” 

The stadium is also using Power BI and other Microsoft solutions, such as the Cloud for Sustainability, to help benchmark future initiatives. 

“We want to continue to grow our commitment to fans, players, and our community, and the energy dashboard built on Microsoft technology is going to be a great way to benchmark as we strive for a greener future,” said Sandra Douglass Morgan, president of the Las Vegas Raiders. “It’s something that the Raiders, Allegiant Stadium and Microsoft are proud of and dedicated to, and something that helps us make good on our commitment to the environment. Microsoft is a one-stop shop for technology, with respect to sustainability, and I think our future together is really bright.” 

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