WPC 2016: Japan Airlines uses Hololens for training programs

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 12 July 2016
WPC 2016: Japan Airlines uses Hololens for training programs

Japan Airlines (JAL) has used Microsoft HoloLens to develop two proof-of-concept programs to provide supplemental training for engine and mechanics and flight crew trainees.

“We believe that HoloLens can contribute to the safety of our business, which is the most important criteria for airlines,” said Koji Hayamizu, senior director of the planning group for JAL’s Products and Service Administration Department.

Having only previously trained in a ‘2D world’, it is hoped that the new training programs will help convert trainees’ intellectual memory to muscle memory.

Powered by the Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft HoloLens uses mixed reality and combines 3D holographic content with that of the physical world. 

With the new program, flight crew trainees will have a detailed hologram displaying cockpit devices and switches that they can operate, with visual and voice guidance provided via HoloLens.

For mechanics, who often have to wait for appointments or an available location when looking to do hands-on training, with HoloLens the engine will now look real in front of them, allowing them to extract important parts and learn names of specific parts using the simulation.

“We believe HoloLens has advantages and potential,” Hayamizu said. “The more I learn, the more I believe that we can utilise the characteristics of HoloLens for the unprecedented customer experience, not just focusing on the internal purposes such as training.”

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