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From the Summer 2016 issue of The Record magazine

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Introduction: Tracy Issel, General Manager, Worldwide Retail, Microsoft

Across the retail and hospitality industries there’s a significant amount of focus being placed on creating the best possible customer experiences – not just at the point of sale, but even before a customer steps into a store, and long after they’ve made a purchase.

In this issue find out how leaders in the field are really succeeding in this regard, thanks to the powerful solutions from Microsoft and its partners.

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Magazine highlights

Guaranteeing the perfect guest experience

Mark Voermans on IreckonU helping hospitality providers

The modern travel experience

Microsoft’s Greg Jones on the connected traveller

Innovating the friction out of retail

Vic Miles outlines Microsoft’s strategy to help retailers

Becoming an insight-driven organisation

According to Microsoft’s Luke Shave and Karen Garrette

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