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Autumn 2018

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Editor: Lindsay James
Executive Editor: Andy Clayton-Smith

According to IDC, by 2021 worldwide spending on digital transformation technologies will exceed US$2.1 trillion. With more and more business leaders finally come to the decision that re-evaluation of their vision for digital-first business is probably overdue, we have taken the opportunity to speak with a number of leading Microsoft partners about the ways in which they are helping business leaders rise to the challenges being set by the technological advances ongoing around them.

For many, this is not just a chance to refresh the technology stack but also an opportunity to revisit some of the core philosophies which underpin their business. You’ll find more in our cover story on page 30.

Also in this issue, don’t miss the exclusive interview with Microsoft’s executive vice president Jean-Philippe Courtois about the work he and his co-workers have engaged upon during the year and look at where they are heading with their strategy for digital transformation in 2019. You’ll find the interview on page 23.

Whether considering the steady transition toward cash-free economies across the globe or finding out more about the ways in which education professionals are harnessing technological innovation to deliver more compelling and effective lessons, this edition of the magazine also delivers practical examples of where the cloud is revolutionising the workplace and lighting-up citizen services with greater availability and choice for less investment.

News and views, features, business insight and thought leadership – it’s all here in our latest edition.

There’s plenty more too – enjoy the issue!

Magazine highlights

Fostering new ideas

Building success

Jean-Philippe Courtois outlines how Microsoft is enabling digital transformation

Marketwatch Issue 3


The latest news from Microsoft and its partners

Beyond the chatter


How Microsoft and its partners are facilitating a new vision for operations

Workplaces of the future

Strengthening network foundations

David Williamson from EfficientIP on managing network performance, complexity and security

Doing more with data

The power of Microsoft 365

DXC Technology’s George Ferguson explains the foundations of a digital workplace

Operating on the move

Why automate?

Implementing robotic process automation brings many benefits, says Metafile’s Alyssa Putzer

AI development: Don’t go it alonee

AI development: Don’t go it alone

Magnus Geverts from Teleopti discusses the benefits of the Microsoft Bot Framework

The growing need for security intelligence

Bots for all businesses

DXC Technology’s Paul Timmins on the rewards of automation through AI

Industry highlights

Communications and Media

As agile, software-based over-the-top (OTT) companies increasingly enter the media industry, they are changing the game for incumbent broadcasters who face enormous pressure to evolve in order to avoid getting left behind. Cloud solutions are enabling this evolution, thanks to scalability and affordability benefits.

This is the central theme of this issue’s roundtable article. In the pages that follow, industry experts debate the unique needs of the sector and outline strategies for success in the years ahead.

Media in the cloud

Industry experts debate the unique needs of the sector

Creating interactive live shows of the future

Why HOFr and Sventertainment have chosen the Sye Streaming Service by Net Insight

Financial Services

Within the financial services community, organisations are adopting innovative payments, blockchain and artificial intelligence tools that leverage Microsoft Azure as a platform to do more for less – at a time when the demand for open banking facilities, flexible real-time transactions and cross-border activities has never been higher.

Just in time for this year’s Sibos gathering in Sydney, we take a look at the ways in which Microsoft is helping financial services organisations around the globe to reimagine their customer experiences in the digital economy.

Download a PDF of the Financial services section of the Autumn 2018 issue of The Record magazine.

Enabling the digital economy

The tech behind financial firms’ most innovative business models

Navigating the new data privacy landscape

Redgate Software’s Mary Robbins on how tech can help finserv companies reach more customers

Payments in the cloud

Mihail Duta from Finastra explains why companies are moving their infrastructures to the cloud

Manufacturing and Resources

Process manufacturers face some of the most complex business goals: sustainably improving health; feeding the world; the provision of safe energy and water; and fuelling economic prosperity. To accomplish these goals, these organisations need to be at the forefront of technology advances to engage customers, empower employees, optimise operations, and transform products.

This is the focus of this issue’s manufacturing and resources section. In a world of finite resources and growing pressure to effectively deliver products and services and with a higher degree of social and ecological awareness, we find out how organisations can depend upon technology to offer up innovation and economies of scale that ensure profitability and sustainability for the long term.

Download a PDF of the manufacturing section of the Autumn 2018 issue of The Record magazine.

Smart and sustainable

Microsoft’s Egbert Schröer on the future of process manufacturing

Seamless sourcing

Laurent Bertaud from Dassault Systèmes says AI can improve sourcing and standardisation

Confident product configuration

How Hannibal Industries is using Bluestar PLM from PDM technology

Public Sector

The promise of high-quality education for all is a prerequisite for any society, and yet at a time of unprecedented pressure being put upon public finances and with greater integration of cultures and movement of peoples over broader geographies, the job of teaching has never been more challenging.

So, what are the key issues that educators are looking to address with new technology, and where are the tools that will connect classrooms and drive student/teacher collaboration in a budget-friendly way? The Record investigates in the pages that follow.

Download a PDF of the Public Sector services section of the Autumn 2018 issue of The Record magazine.

Empowering educators

Microsoft’s Larry Nelson outlines the tools that connect classrooms, students and teachers

Towards digital infrastructure

How Bentley Systems tech is at the heart of the Klang Valley Railway Project

Choosing the right partner

Pharma companies should recruit experienced partners, says Massimo Crudeli from AX for Pharma

Retail and Hospitality

The days of expecting a customer visit a store with the simple aim of purchasing goods are, in large part, a thing of the past. Likewise, expecting patrons to choose from a limited product range simply through a sense of brand loyalty is anathema in the modern retail environment. Customers are sophisticated andlikely to hold strong, well-researched opinions on the purchases they are about to make. Moreover, they demand value for money and a positive experience at the point of sale which requires vendors to be one step ahead at all times.

In this issue’s retail and hospitality feature we explore how the latest innovations from Microsoft and its retail and consumer goods partners are helping to change the game for retailers operating the world over.

Download a PDF of the Retail and Hospitality services section of the Autumn 2018 issue of The Record magazine.

Innovating at the POS

Microsoft’s Vic Miles on the innovations that are enabling a new level of customer experience

Driving the retail revolution

Deesean Wilson from DXC Technology discusses innovative POS solutions