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Winter 2016

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Acting Editor: Lindsay James
Publication manager: Andy Clayton-Smith

The Winter issue of The Record opens with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI). Discussing a brief history of the subject, the current state of play and the potential for the future, the cover story features input from thought leaders including: Eric Horvitz, technical fellow and managing director at the Microsoft Research Centre in Redmond; Abigail Sellen, deputy lab director at the Microsoft Research Lab in Cambridge; and Chris Miller, chief technology innovation officer at Avanade.

Elsewhere across the magazine we have many interviews and thought leadership pieces that we hope you will find of interest. In the communications and media section, Microsoft’s Tony Emerson outlines the need to deliver rich media on demand and Rainer Kellerhall discusses the evolution of sales and customer service in the telco and cable sectors. We also have a bumper-packed financial services section, looking at the customer and distributor experience in insurance, innovative cloud computing scenarios and practical applications of blockchain.

Meanwhile, in the manufacturing section, Microsoft’s Michel Putnik brings us up to date with the rise of connected field services and Simon Floyd tells us about the importance of large-scale computing, otherwise known as big compute. In the public sector section don’t miss my interview with Toni Townes-Whitney, who tells us how Microsoft’s culture is influencing government, healthcare and education.

And in the retail section, Microsoft’s Vic Miles talks with Jason Morris, vice president of store retail technology at Walmart, to find out how the global retailer is using technology to innovate in a multi-channel environment.

Plus, there’s the usual news, partner insight, customer case studies and more.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

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Magazine highlights

The rise of AI

The rise of AI

AI’s remarkable rise to fame over the last decade

Marketwatch Issue 3


The latest news from Microsoft and its partners, including the launch of Dynamics 365

Beyond the chatter

Beyond the chatter

Intervate’s Craig Heckrath and Peter Reid share the benefits of chatbots

Workplaces of the future

Workplaces of the future

Keith Hudgell and Greg John discuss HPE and Microsoft’s joint Cloud Productivity and Mobility programme

Doing more with data

Doing more with data

Profisee’s Ian Ahern on master data management

Operating on the move

Operating on the move

HPE’s Henk Hoevelaken praises Windows 10 mobile apps

Turn technical objectives into business value

Turn technical objectives into business value

Profisee’s Eric Melcher on new data management strategies

The growing need for security intelligence

The growing need for security intelligence

The findings of Kaspersky Lab’s recent Corporate IT Security Risks report

Industry highlights

Communications and Media

Winning the heart of customers is becoming increasingly difficult for comms and media companies, a problem which is compounded by the fact that audiences have access to tens of thousands of channels on a wide variety of different platforms.

In the following pages, Tony Emerson tells us how Microsoft’s rich media on demand solution is helping new players to increase customer loyalty and grow at unprecedented rates. Meanwhile, Rainer Kellerhals explains how, by putting their customers at the centre of their business processes, telco companies will be far better equipped for the future.

Download a PDF of the Communications and Media services section of the Winter 2016 issue of The Record magazine.

Delivering rich media on demand

Microsoft’s Tony Emerson on the benefits of Azure

The evolution of customer service

Microsoft’s Rainer Kellerhals on the telco industry’s next steps

Putting chatbots into action

How T-Systems is revolutionising its workplace

Financial Services

In today’s financial services industry, digital transformation holds countless possibilities. New technologies are emerging at an exponential rate, and those pioneering banks and insurers that are embracing them are undoubtedly reaping the rewards.

In this issue, we take an in-depth look at how such technology solutions are driving digital transformation. We explore how blockchain is driving the collaborative economy; how banks are accelerating their move to the cloud; and how new solutions are optimising customer and distributor experiences in insurance. Plus, don’t miss the exclusive interview with Efma’s Vincent Bastid, who explains how collaboration across financial services is fundamental for all players operating in retail banking today.

Download a PDF of the Financial Services services section of the Winter 2016 issue of The Record magazine.

Proactive CRM

The future of customer service in insurance

Intelligent operations

Microsoft’s Chad Hamblin on combined CRM analytics

Instigating change in financial services

How Efma’s CEO Vincent Bastid is helping reshape the industry

Manufacturing and Resources

Connectivity is proving to be a real game changer for manufacturing and resources businesses. Connecting people, for example, can drive transformation in more ways than one, as we find out in the special field services feature on page 76 led by Michel Putnik.

Connecting processes, meanwhile, can help facilitate collaboration and breaks down silos, as Anne Asensio from Dassault Systèmes tells us on page 94. And connecting data points, as we discover in the Planet Dryers case study on page 98, can speed up design processes and dramatically improve efficiency.

Download a PDF of the manufacturing section of the Winter 2016 issue of The Record magazine.

Innovation through connection

Microsoft’s Michel Putnik on connected field services

Calculating quality management costs

Massimo Crudeli says AX for Pharma provides unique benefits

Visualise via the cloud

How to meet manufacturing challenges, according to Simon Floyd

Public Sector

Across the public sector, digital transformation is opening up a raft of new possibilities. Governments are more efficient, healthcare workers are more empowered and education leaders are able to promote new ways of learning. However, as Toni Townes-Whitley warns in the exclusive interview on the following pages, there’s a significant chunk of the population that don’t have access to advanced technologies.

Read on to discover how Microsoft is ensuring that technological disruption generates opportunity for everyone, everywhere – regardless of age, gender, ability or income.

Download a PDF of the Public Sector services section of the Winter 2016 issue of The Record magazine.

Toni Townes-Whitley

Microsoft’s corporate VP of the Worldwide Public Sector outlines her mission to drive change

The transformation of government

What Microsoft is doing to instigate change

The power of the platform

How a platform-based approach can transform healthcare

Retail and Hospitality

Retail is evolving – and fast. No longer segmented by channels, pioneering businesses are successfully implementing a joined up strategy, achieving a complete view of the customer – something they’ve been dreaming of for years. These joined up strategies aren’t limited to the retailers themselves – but extend to the supply chain. The result is an interconnected ecosystem of players that facilitates greater insight and, in turn, leads to a better, more personal shopping experience.

We explore all of this and more in the following pages where you’ll find insight from our partners, customers and industry thought leaders.

Download a PDF of the Retail and Hospitality services section of the Winter 2016 issue of The Record magazine.

Unifying the retail experience

How new solutions are bringing together physical and digital

Engaging customers

Microsoft’s Luke Shave explains how to improve loyalty

Making retail visions a reality

According to Microsoft’s Tracy Issel