A holistic and data-driven approach to employee experiences

A holistic and data-driven approach to employee experiences

Kyndryl is helping organisations improve collaboration and workplace culture with automation and AI 

Dennis Perpetua |

Organisations want to move beyond just enabling hybrid work to deploying secure, equitable employee experiences to fuel collaboration, organisational culture, and better bottom-line results. 

Improving the employee experience can be both complicated and complex. However, complicated and complex problems are not the same thing, though both are factors when it comes to your ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Complicated problems have a clear beginning, a predictable path, and a defined end. Complex problems are less predictable. They require learning, intuition, and reasoning to resolve.  

There are many variables and factors that can impact an employee’s experience. While it is impossible to predict everything that could impede an employee’s digital workspace, data shows us that we can foresee a vast number of them. We can identify signals that precede the problems experienced by our users and solve them proactively. When we see new problems, we get our customers running again quickly by giving our support staff the data they need to diagnose and resolve the problem. 

Kyndryl’s Digital Workplace services put the employee at the centre of the hybrid workplace. We take a holistic, measurable and data-driven approach to help integrate current applications and data, simplify workflows, and enhance the employee experience. We can help optimise experiences across each IT touchpoint, co-creating a seamless and secure employee experience. 

Our customer experience is built off our new, proprietary and patented platform. Predictive support means treating everyone as though we know them. When proactive resolutions aren’t possible, we can predict why someone has called, and gather more details while connecting them to a live agent.  

Kyndryl worked with a leader in the semiconductor industry who was dealing with poor user experiences impacting productivity, slow application response times, and incompatibility issues causing operating system crashes. 

We performed a seven-day digital experience management performance assessment to identify key observations, root cause analysis and provide recommendations. Kyndryl calculated a loss of 6,324 productive hours due to a workstation crash rate of 12.51 per cent per hour, totalling $316,000 per week. Self-Heal capability reduces 55 tickets weekly, exposing security and compliance issues and improving latency issues in Microsoft Teams by three times. 

Kyndryl has the technology and capabilities to make anywhere in the world a workplace.  

See Kyndryl’s full customer experience at https://lnkd.in/e-Ucfp5X 

Dennis Perpetua is a distinguished engineer at Kyndryl 

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