AIONSPORTS: using data to improve sport as we know it

AIONSPORTS: using data to improve sport as we know it
Firm is benefiting from StreamingBuzz’s new software engine for virtual reality and broadcasting experiences

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With so much at stake in professional sport today, teams require access to the most accurate data delivered at the quickest pace, as well as performance data that is shared and presented in a context relevant to the game – data that can help to inform and influence future decisions that impact performance.

Netherlands-based sports data matching firm AIONSPORTS focusses on three pillars: broadcasting (of linear, 360, xR), through end-to-end solutions for the distribution of sports matches all around the world; sports performance, whereby its products enhance the performance, train cognitive skills, supercharge spatial awareness and practice tactics of sports players through the collection of positional data and limbtracking during matches; and fan engagement, using platforms through which fans can access unique data, video and insights, before, during and after sports matches and watch the match like a bird eye’s view, through the eyes of the coach or even through the eyes of Lionel Messi. 

“Brands are looking for new digital-enabled ways to increase fan engagement in 2020,” said Jos Molema, AIONSPORTS’ director of Fan Engagement. “Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will do this in a very innovative way.”

To achieve everything it has set out in its three pillars, AIONSPORTS is leveraging solutions provided by Microsoft partner StreamingBuzz. The result is an end-to-end live and on-demand solution using Azure Media Services to virtualise live and on-demand sports in real-time. The solutions benefit from VR and AR functionality using positional and limb tracking sensors. This new reality is used for fan engagement, match and athlete analysis and cognitive training using VR-based cognitive services. 

“AI and machine learning put the cherry on the cake,” says Molema. “These technologies enable athletes and teams to train better. Powered by the most comprehensive databases in sport, AIONSPORTS has developed a suite of bespoke analytical products – integrated with video and match footage – that fit the unique challenges that leagues, federations and professional clubs face.”  

“AIONSPORTS is exclusively focused on enhancing performance within the professional game,” adds Mark Snijders, director of Sports at AIONSPORTS. “Using VR, clubs can now add more scenario-based training in order to improve the tactical learning results of the youth academy.”

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