Allergan adopts Microsoft Secure Productive Enterprise solution

Allergan adopts Microsoft Secure Productive Enterprise solution
Pharmaceutical company aims to enrich intellectual property and support new culture of work

Toby Ingleton |

Allergan, a multinational pharmaceutical company, is using Microsoft’s Secure Productive Enterprise solution to help create a new culture of work among its employees.

Headquartered in New Jersey, US, Allergan has made 22 acquisitions in the past five years as it adopts a rigorous growth strategy. As part of this, the company has looked to enrich its intellectual property by acquiring promising new products, and by partnering with external stakeholders.

With so many new employees coming on board in such a short space of time, an agile IT-enabled workplace was a necessity. Allergan also had to ensure that its intellectual property remained secure in the highly-regulated pharmaceutical industry. 

To help achieve this, the company turned to Microsoft and adopted the Secure Productive Enterprise solution.

“As Allergan continues to build its global portfolio of products and services, it’s our role in IT to enable the company’s scalability,” explained Sean Lennon, chief information officer at Allergan. “That’s why we chose the Microsoft Secure Productive Enterprise, because it allows me to deliver a secure technology experience that drives creativity, collaboration and teamwork for the business.”

The solution is helping Allergan to remain at the forefront of the competitive pharmaceutical industry.

“While employees are working more collaboratively and are empowered to innovate with immediate access to all the tools they need – Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security and Windows 10 Enterprise – I’m also saving money by consolidating our IT landscape and reducing the burden of on-premises maintenance, Lennon added. It’s always a challenge to maintain a lean IT organisation and provide the best tools for enabling the business to achieve its goals, but we’ve achieved the right balance with Microsoft.”

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