Allica Bank uses Microsoft tech to securely deliver enterprise banking

Allica Bank uses Microsoft tech to securely deliver enterprise banking
Dynamics 365 and Azure-based system will help support new institution’s customer base

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Allica Bank, the new London-based institution that is targeting the small and medium enterprise market, is using Microsoft technology to deliver banking services to its customers. 

Allica was built using the Microsoft Azure cloud to securely store customer data and has was worked with Microsoft’s Fast Track team to build a system within Azure to keep customer data safe and comply with strict regulations. Since its launch in late 2019, the Azure platform has enabled Allica to regularly release new offerings to its SME customers.

“Microsoft Azure is a well-known platform among engineers and developers and has given us the scalability and flexibility we need to meet our business objectives as the bank grows,” said Sean Sitton, head of technology at Allica Bank. “The whole lifecycle with Azure made the choice to work with Microsoft much easier.”

Staff can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to get a single view of their customers and support them in a way that best suits them. Allica also uses PowerBI to visualise the Azure-based data and inform decision-making. 

“Microsoft’s flexible technology was critical, too, in helping us to transition to a fully remote-working environment in response to the Covid-19 crisis,” said Simon Bateman, chief information officer at Allica Bank. “With collaboration being central to how Allica Bank operates, it was vital our team could continue to communicate effectively and ensure our customers saw minimal interruption to our service.”

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