Allied Global Marketing chooses Letsignit for brand improvement

Allied Global Marketing chooses Letsignit for brand improvement
Firm is using Office 365 to create consistent e-mail signatures company-wide

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Allied Global Marketing has chosen communication software provider and Microsoft partner Letsignit to help it improve its brand identity. The marketing firm is using Letsignit’s e-mail signature solution to create consistent branded e-mail signatures for its 500 employees. 

With clients such as Netflix, Amazon and Disney, Allied Global Marketing needed consistency to be an integral part of its marketing strategy, including via staff e-mails. The company used a script to stamp its e-mails with branded signatures, but it was unable to visualise the signatures before sending them out. While the firm also believed its signatures lacked ‘fun’, when it migrated to Office 365, they were lost altogether.  

Vice president of marketing in technical services, Brian Weir decided to implement Letsignit’s solution. Its easy-to-use interface and cloud-based system enabled Allied Global Marketing to express its branding more effectively, and with more fun. 

Since implementing the solution in 2018, the company has averaged around 900 clicks per month on the signatures. 

“Letsignit has allowed us to maintain a standardised approach to signatures for our corporate identity,” said Weir. “Every employee has the same signature. We can automate the process with Office 365 and all the user must do is install an app and then, they are sending out branded emails. Everything is consistent which is important to our marketing firm.”

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