ARC European Industry Forum: accelerating innovation

ARC European Industry Forum: accelerating innovation

ARC Advisory Group

Attendees will discover how to manage manufacturing industry evolution through current global disruption

Amber Hickman |

The European Industry Forum (EIF) will be hosted by ARC Advisory Group in Sitges in Barcelona, Spain, on 15-17 May 2023.

Over three days, the event will provide manufacturing and industrial organisations with information about how they can speed up digitalisation and sustainability initiatives. It will feature plenary and breakout sessions led by ARC analysts and automation experts, as well as dedicated workshops offering opportunities to discuss trends and developments.

Some of the planned topics include energy and sustainability, artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics innovations, additive manufacturing, asset performance management, cybersecurity, industrial internet of things platforms, digital twins, and open process automation and modular protection.

Key talks will include ‘21st Century Operations: Where IT, OT & ET Converge’, ‘MES End User Success Stories’ and ‘Cyber Security for Digitalisation and Sustainability’.

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