Arinco helps Maurice Blackburn Lawyers speed up insurance claims

Arinco helps Maurice Blackburn Lawyers speed up insurance claims
Law firm uses Microsoft Azure and AI to improve claim accuracy and customer experiences

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers has rolled out an artificial intelligence (AI)-infused solution from Microsoft partner Arinco that speeds up disability insurance claims for its customers. 

The solution – which was developed using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search and Services – uses AI to review life insurance policies and identify whether a claim should be pursued. 

“We are in the early stages of adoption, but the signs are that this will be very effective in reducing the time needed to serve our clients from months to minutes, and significantly improve the client experience in what can often be a traumatic period in their life,” said Greg Emsley, digital and technology general manager at Maurice Blackburn. 

Microsoft says Arinco’s offering “saves time for the client while also freeing up the lawyers who would otherwise have their time taken up with combing through insurance policy fine print”.

“Knowing what you’re entitled to is the first step in getting access to justice so by coupling AI with trained staff we can provide clients with greater certainty more quickly,” said Jason Brown, superannuation and insurance lead at Maurice Blackburn. “Automating the process also means we can free up our team to spend more time with clients and make quicker decisions about how to proceed with claims.”

Arinco created the solution specifically to support insurance claims, but Microsoft says that the “the underlying framework, machine learning and AI could be applied across multiple industry sectors”. 

“Cloud, data and AI are the trinity that deliver immense value to businesses in every sector,” said Lee Hickin, chief technology officer at Microsoft Australia. “The array of Azure Cognitive Services means that these sorts of applications can be developed and deployed rapidly, supporting employees with tasks that would otherwise be time consuming, laborious and quite costly. 

“The methodology that Arinco uses and its deep skills across the Microsoft Azure ecosystem can be brought to bear rapidly, driving real impact and measurable value for clients in multiple sectors.”

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