Microsoft and BRAC bring vocational training to Bangladesh’s youth

Microsoft and BRAC bring vocational training to Bangladesh’s youth

Skills Development Programme will cover graphic design, electrical installation and maintenance

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Development organisation BRAC has partnered with Microsoft to bring vocational training to Bangladesh’s youth. The Skills Development Programme will provide students between 16 and 30 with instruction in graphic design, electrical installation and maintenance. 

It aims to enhance learning and job productivity through a technology-driven gamified course curriculum, digital materials and assessments.

The programme with be supported by the Indian team for Microsoft Community Training, an Azure powered online learning platform that helps organisations run community training programmes. It facilitates personalised learning for large-scale mobile-based communities in an affordable, secure and private way. 

“Microsoft Community Training leverages Microsoft’s core platform assets and components, such as Azure Media Services, to assist content providers and training partners deliver high-definition video and training as a service on Azure,” said Anil Bhansali, corporate vice president of cloud and artificial intelligence at Microsoft. “This partnership with BRAC is a great development towards reducing unemployment by skilling the youth of today through relevant trainings and making them employable.” 

The Skills Development Programme aims to help students, IT instructors, administrators, and managerial staff. According to BRAC, the organisation will help the programme’s participants find job placements once they have completed their training. 

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