Atmosera launches solution to improve development processes in Azure

Atmosera launches solution to improve development processes in Azure
Release Management as a Service automates deployment for websites and apps

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft Azure partner Atmosera has released a new solution to automate the deployment of websites and applications in Azure Platform as a Service environment.

Release Management as a Service is designed to help organisations move quickly through release management, while ensuring quality control and repeatable testing procedures.

Application developers can introduce new features and capabilities faster and ensure they will not break their site or application. The solution also reduces manual quality control processes, evolves test coverage over time and manages code promotion across distributed locations.

“We quickly recognised the need to help our customers move faster while improving the quality of their release processes to eliminate the possibility of new code breaking their websites and applications,” said Scott Harvey, vice president of engineering at Atmosera. “DevOps and agile practices require significant automation to streamline and augment testing procedures to catch potential problems before they get implemented. We successfully addressed this need and continue to enhance our automation capabilities in Azure.”

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