Augury expands machine health solutions for manufacturing assets

Augury expands machine health solutions for manufacturing assets

New tool will help customers reduce maintenance costs and downtime, and drive digital transformation 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Augury has unveiled Machine Health for Supporting Equipment (MH SE). The new solution gives customers insights into the performance of their manufacturing and industrial assets, enabling them to reduce maintenance costs and downtime, and accelerate digital transformation. 

MH SE joins Augury’s existing Machine Health for Critical Assets solution, which diagnoses potentially costly and impactful malfunctions in equipment. The underlying technology – Machine Health – uses the internet of things and artificial intelligence to predict and prevent machine failures and improve machine performance. 

By deploying MH SE, customers can improve maintenance planning and reduce maintenance and reliability costs.  

“The expansion of our Machine Health solutions enables manufacturers to quickly transition from reactive and preventative maintenance to predictive and prescriptive maintenance for the majority of their assets,“ said Saar Yoskovitz, co-founder and CEO of Augury. “By providing insight into supporting equipment, our Machine Health solutions also accelerate the digital transformation of manufacturing, improving not just asset management but the entire production operation.“ 

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