Awingu launches version 5.0 of its unified workspace

Awingu launches version 5.0 of its unified workspace

The new release adds improvements to the application’s security standards

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Awingu has launched the latest version of its browser-based unified workspace for remote working. Awingu 5.0 introduces new features that are designed to improve its security standards.

The update implements an approach of ‘Zero Trust-grade security’, in which every user and devices receive the lowest security access by default. Admins will now have the ability to set context restrictions based on the country or IP address for each resource. If a user tries to access these resources outside of the authorized context, they will either be required to verify themselves with multi-factor authentication or be completely denied access.

Awingu 5.0 will also be able to integrate with security information and event management platforms and provide support for PFX certificates, as well as introducing several updates to its user experience.

“Covid-19 triggered businesses around the globe to increase capacity of their teleworking platforms, or even build solutions from scratch,” said Walter Van Uytven, CEO of Awingu. “In a lot of cases, this had to be done urgently and not always with the best security guidelines in mind. We have observed peaks in unprotected ‘Open remote desktop protocol’ usage, usage of virtual private networks on unmanaged devices, and so on. Unfortunately, this goes hand in hand with an increase in successful cyber-attacks. More than ever, Awingu wants to support businesses with a secure, flexible and cost-effective solution for remote access.”

Awingu 5.0 is now available on the Microsoft Azure marketplace.

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