Barracuda launches Cloud Security Guardian for Microsoft Azure

Barracuda launches Cloud Security Guardian for Microsoft Azure
Users benefit from automated public cloud security compliance and remediation

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Security solutions provider Barracuda has launched its software-as-a-service Cloud Security Guardian for Microsoft Azure. The agentless solution provides end-to-end visibility of public cloud workload security, ensuring compliance and automated remediation of incidents. 

Cloud Security Guardian integrates with Azure Firewall and leverages Microsoft’s Security Graph API to identify and prevent security policy violations. The solution has been created to tackle the increasing number of cloud breaches through customer misconfiguration, mismanaged credentials or insider theft. 

“Cloud Security Guardian for Microsoft Azure bridges the requirements of two worlds – that of the chief information security officer or security expert and that of the cloud developer – to enable organisations to rapidly develop and deploy new cloud products and workloads in Azure while remaining confident their infrastructure is secure,” said Fleming Shi, chief technology officer at Barracuda. 

The solution is pre-loaded with security policies built on CIS Benchmarks and is certified by CIS. It features an interactive map of an organisation’s cloud ecosystems and simplified drill-downs and relationship identifiers. It can automatically deploy, configure and operationalise CloudGen Firewalls and CloudGen WAFs when it assesses a security need. 

“Cloud Security Guardian’s Cloud Security Profile Management product is certified by CIS, and we’re pleased to work with Barracuda on an initiative that helps organisations implement and stay current on the recognised best practices for securing IT systems and data in the public cloud,” said Michelle Peterson, product owner at CIS Benchmarks.

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