Becoming agile and responsive with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Becoming agile and responsive with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Infosys’s DynamicsOFS solution helps energy firms manage assets and reduce emissions 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

The oil field services industry comprises a vast and diverse mix of service lines, each of which has specialised processes. The industry faces challenges in utilisation, compliance, safety, days sales outstanding and mobility. 

It is becoming increasingly imperative for oil and gas enterprises to rewire themselves to become agile and responsive to disruptions in operating environment and shifts in technology landscape. They need to be adept at dealing with unforeseen events leading to uncertain demand for oil. 

Today, it is critical for energy companies to pivot to a digital-first approach and embark on a customised digital journey in cognisance of potential benefits like high productivity, better human experience, enhanced visibility, and improved operational efficiency.   

Infosys has successfully executed a flurry of multi-year implementations for major oilfield service companies resulting in enhanced value proposition to customers through adoption of smart and sustainable solutions that optimise everything from field operations to customer and employee experience. These solutions, based on our strategic realisation framework Platform of Possibilities 3.0 (PoP 3.0) help enterprises effectively manage their assets, reduce emissions footprint and enhance value for shareholders.  

DynamicsOFS built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 stack, is our indigenously built industry solution that is both cloud- and mobile-enabled. This end-to-end solution for oilfield service companies covers processes across the job lifecycle for the hydraulic fracturing service line. It also helps to optimise resource utilisation, improve productivity and reduce costs by providing an integrated solution with visibility across an organisation. 

We leveraged PoP 3.0 to modernise the legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) landscape of a major American oilfield service company by creating a lean and future-ready platform that empowered them to meet future growth challenges. The solution not only enabled unified collaboration and communication across the organisation, but also delivered annual savings of $3.6 million. Infosys delivered a highly flexible platform based on elastic IT-as-a-service model that can expand or contract based on organisational demand. This was executed in record time of under six months, amid immense operational challenges.  

Sanjay Ladha is a global practice leader of Microsoft Business Apps Practice for the Americas at Infosys  

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