Bizagi updates platform to accelerate enterprise automation

Bizagi updates platform to accelerate enterprise automation
New features enable customers to use Microsoft Power BI to make more informed decisions

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Software company Bizagi has updated its platform to accelerate enterprise automation by giving customers access to third-party solutions such as Microsoft Power BI. The new features and integrations will enable users to discover insights from within their cloud process data. 

The new Business Insights service exposes this data through datasets, allowing customers to apply artificial intelligence tools. 

Bizagi 11.2.4 now also includes a dashboard to monitor UiPath’s robotic processing automation robots. Customers can track the execution of RPA tasks and identify when robots fail to collect the right information. 

“Intelligence and seamless integration are critical success factors for a mature enterprise automation strategy,” said Gustavo Gomez, CEO of Bizagi. “This latest release of our platform brings enhancements designed to make it easier than ever for customers to take huge leaps forward in these areas.”

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