Blockchain technology provider Stratis becomes certified Microsoft partner

Blockchain technology provider Stratis becomes certified Microsoft partner

Cryptocurrency solution is built using C# and is part of the .NET ecosystem

Richard Humphreys |

Blockchain technology provider Stratis is now a certified Microsoft partner. Stratis is the first cryptocurrency solution with full nodes built from the ground up in C# - a general-purpose, multi-programming language developed by Microsoft within its .NET initiative. This means that that applications built using the Stratis Platform are a part of the .NET ecosystem.

“Our mission is to get C# blockchain technologies in front of enterprise customers, and we look forward to utilising the marketing and development resources Microsoft provides to its certified partners,” said Chris Trew, Stratis CEO, in a recent blog post. “The Azure Marketplace gives app and service providers access to 120,000 enterprise customers and 800,000 ecosystem partners in 190 countries. Microsoft actively helps to guide customers to their partners, and partners are given resources which allow them to increase their product’s exposure on Microsoft’s go-to-market services.

This partnership comes at a critical and also exciting time for Stratis; the services which constitute the core Stratis Platform, including smart contracts, sidechains, and the enterprise-focused Stratis DLT, are set to be released in the next few months. “Stratis is the first blockchain company with its own cryptocurrency to partner with Microsoft in this way, and this partnership will help us make the most of our unique position within Microsoft’s software environment,” said Trew. “We also think of this step as just the first step in enhancing our existing relationship with Microsoft, and we aim to become a gold partner in the near future!”

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