BlueJeans delivers new back-to-office features for Microsoft Teams

BlueJeans delivers new back-to-office features for Microsoft Teams

Capabilities will ensure a unified Teams meeting experience whatever the employee’s location

Elly Yates-Roberts |

BlueJeans by Verizon has launched a number of new features and upgrades for the next iteration of BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams to ease the transition back to office working. The new capabilities ensure that employees have the same unified Teams meeting experience, whether they are working from home, remotely or in the office. 

As part of the updates, organisations can now use their existing room systems to join Teams Live Events. The solution also now uses location data to provide in-language content for Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish and French-speaking regions, and 7x7 Gallery View enables users to see up to 49 attendees at once. In addition, improvements to analytics in Command Center deliver enhanced call quality and provide better admin and moderator support. 

BlueJeans says that the latest updates to the BlueJeans Gateway are designed to help organisations plan back-to-office strategies with minimal IT investment and without disrupting the workflow patterns users have developed while working from home.

“When we decided to roll out Microsoft Teams across our organisation, the last thing we wanted was to rip and replace our existing conference rooms systems,” said Antonio Eguizabal, head of core services delivery at Pernod Ricard, a BlueJeans customer. “The BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams enabled us to not only optimise the return on investment on our existing hardware, but it allowed us to accelerate our Teams rollout so our teams can book conference rooms and join Teams meetings with a single touch. Considering not all of our employees will be in the office at the same time, this will ensure our teams are able to enjoy the same easy-to-join meeting experience regardless of their device, room or location.”

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