BNY Mellon uses Microsoft Azure for data and analytics solution

BNY Mellon uses Microsoft Azure for data and analytics solution

Investment bank’s Data Vault platform leverages cloud to deliver new analytics capabilities at scale

Elly Yates-Roberts |

US investment bank BNY Mellon has built its Data Vault platform on Microsoft Azure to deliver new data and analytics capabilities at scale to its customers.  

Data Vault integrates with data vendors, third-party providers and other BNY Mellon technologies, and by leveraging Azure, helps clients blend vast quantities of data from multiple locations, at any time and with speed and agility. 

“Collaborating with Microsoft gives us access to best-in-class technology and the scalability to manage escalating volumes of data,” said Charles Teschner, global head of data and analytics solutions at BNY Mellon. “It serves as the foundation on which we can rapidly create solutions that address clients’ evolving needs.”  

By integrating the computing speed and scalable storage of Microsoft Azure with machine learning principles, Data Vault enables business users to experiment with data. The platform also connects data across entire organisations, helping clients extract insights across business disciplines. 

“Our clients want tools to experiment with their data sets, so speed becomes incredibly important,” said Steven Taylor, head of BNY Mellon data management platforms. “Our collaboration with Microsoft empowers this process, and we can capitalise on a great platform like Azure to move faster and focus on differentiated capabilities that help our industry.”  

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