Bottomline Technologies deploys solutions through AppSource

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Users will have greater access complementary lines of business software

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Financial technology provider Bottomline Technologies is delivering its financial process automation solutions through Microsoft AppSource, making it easier for Microsoft users to find and access complementary lines of business software.

Bottomline’s document automation and management offerings, PrecisionForms and PT-X Connect, help Microsoft Dynamics 365 users reduce the time and costs involved in creating and deploying branded forms and reports.

“The availability of PrecisionForms and PT-X Connect in Microsoft AppSource demonstrates that our solutions help enhance the experience of Microsoft Dynamics 365 users,” said Nigel Savory, managing director, Global Business Solutions, Bottomline Technologies. “We’re always looking to deliver easy access to our solutions, helping customers to reduce cost and realise efficiency gains.”

Accessing value-add document automation and management software through Microsoft AppSource enables enterprises to add new functions to their existing business applications.

“In today’s environment, the way companies choose to communicate with their customers is an important way to differentiate themselves from their competition,” said Carr Phillips, global industry product marketing director, Microsoft. “We are pleased to welcome the PrecisionForms and PT-X solutions on Microsoft AppSource and the opportunity to help our mutual customers create rich communications with professional branding.”

Bottomline’s PrecisionForms and PT-X Connect solutions are available in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

“The deployment of our solutions in Microsoft AppSource highlights Bottomline’s investment in this community and demonstrates that our applications work seamlessly with any version of Microsoft Dynamics,” said Savory.

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