Bridging the digital transformation journey

Bridging the digital transformation journey

Gary Zeien shares how organisations can use Kyndryl’s integration platform to derive greater value from Microsoft Azure and enhance their business operations 

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Organisations are looking for new ways to drive business acceleration and achieve more value at a lower cost. They aim to do this by improving information transparency, capturing insights driven by data and artificial intelligence, leveraging automation, enabling self-service business models, and more.  

Kyndryl’s platform, the Kyndryl Bridge, provides these capabilities to our customers and is a key enabler for us to help them more quickly derive value from the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. It helps organisations to digitally bridge their various systems, teams and processes, whilst recognising their compliance, security and performance requirements. 

The platform provides capabilities that bridge the various systems and technologies used to manage our customers’ complete IT estates, including on-premises data centres, private and public cloud ecosystems, as well as the applications that run on those estates.  

There are various ways that Kyndryl Bridge offers value for customers. For instance, it enables self-service by providing a single place for customers to find information about what Kyndryl has to offer and interact with the Kyndryl Services that are being used to manage their mission-critical environments. They can also digitally interact with Kyndryl customer representatives. 

The platform can provide direct insights on key business metrics by leveraging analytics and AI to give customers a better sense of how well their business is operating and how Kyndryl supports them. When issues arise, Kyndryl’s trusted advisors can guide customers on what actions to take next.  

Kyndryl is guiding customers with new ideas and technologies that can be used to improve how their business runs and explore new possibilities for transformation. 

In summary, Kyndryl Bridge is driving to transform, the systems used by Kyndryl, and our customers, to drive the value that our customers need in today's rapidly changing world.  

Find out more about the Kyndryl Bridge on Kyndryl’s website  

Gary Zeien is vice president, lead architect of Kyndryl Bridge, and distinguished engineer at Kyndryl 

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