Bright Wolf releases industrial reference system for Microsoft Azure IoT

Bright Wolf releases industrial reference system for Microsoft Azure IoT
Solution can be used to design industrial genset optimisation applications 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Industrial connected solutions provider Bright Wolf has released a reference architecture for customers who want to optimise, monitor and manage their equipment with an industrial internet of things (IoT) system built on Microsoft Azure IoT.

The reference architecture enables companies to develop a Microsoft Azure IoT industrial genset optimisation application that can be used for remote monitoring of power generation assets and other industrial equipment across multiple sites and organisations. The application can also be used to manage and configure individual assets for peak performance, including secure, IT policy-driven user access controls. Plus, the design enables the building, training and deployment of predictive models at the edge and in the cloud.

“For digital transformation to succeed inside traditionally hardware-focused organisations, industrial IoT and connected product solutions must deliver actionable insights in a transparent fashion that increases the value of humans in the system rather than attempting to replace them,” said Marc Phillips, Director of Marketing at Bright Wolf, in a blog post. “With this outcome in mind, genset optimisation presents an opportunity for bringing about exactly this sort of positive change in the industrial space.”

A company could use the design architecture to create a Microsoft Azure IoT industrial genset optimisation application for automatically making decisions on when to run each of their generators based on local conditions such as weather, production schedules and fuel and electricity prices (both historic and predicted).

“A successful connected solution gives human operators access to data and insights for making decisions that were previously too complex or resource intensive to be viable aspects of enterprise business strategy,” said Phillips. “As a result, with each new tactic brought into the realm of the possible through automation, the achievable boundaries of executive aspirations are expanded ever further to propel the business ahead of competitors moving at a slower pace on their digital transformation journey.”

Read Bright Wolf’s full blog here.

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