British Heart Foundation partners with Microsoft to build relationships

British Heart Foundation partners with Microsoft to build relationships

The organisations will work together to create a marketing information and insights system

Elly Yates-Roberts |

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) has partnered with Microsoft to provide more personalised experiences for its supporters, volunteers and customers.

The heart charity will work with Microsoft to create a marketing information and insights system built on Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365. This will allow the BHF to tailor its communications to individual supporters based on their interests and the ways they are most likely to engage with content. It will also use artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency of its marketing communications.

“Harnessing the power of technology is central to our new marketing strategy, which puts supporters at the heart of everything we do,” said Claire Sadler, executive director for marketing, fundraising and engagement at the BHF. “Our hope is that the combination of more efficient, yet personalised, marketing campaigns will help us increase support for our life-saving science, while offering more fulfilling experiences to the millions of people who engage with us.”

The BHF will also use Microsoft technology to help people access more relevant and personalised health content, which will enable them to improve their heart health or better manage an existing condition.

The new partnership adds to the existing cooperation between the BHF and Microsoft. The organisations are currently developing the Circuit, a network that will provide ambulance services with the information needed to direct 999 callers to their nearest defibrillator when someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest.

“The Microsoft cloud is helping companies and organisations from a range of sectors to break down internal silos and work in a more collaborative and seamless way,” said Michael Wignall, Azure business lead at Microsoft. “Azure takes care of updates, security and network management, allowing teams to focus on what’s important to them – their customers and staff. I look forward to seeing how the BHF uses Microsoft cloud to help millions of people affected by heart and circulatory diseases.”

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