Capgemini study says artificial intelligence transforms business

Capgemini study says artificial intelligence transforms business
Consulting firm provides recommendations for AI investment decisions

Elly Yates-Roberts |

New research from consulting firm Capgemini reveals that AI is already starting to transform how organisations do business, manage their customer relationships, and stimulate the ideas and creativity that fuel ground-breaking innovation.

The firm surveyed senior executives from over 1,000 firms already using AI and analysed over 50 AI use cases. It compiled its findings into a new report titled How to turn Artificial Intelligence into concrete value: the successful implementers toolkit.

The majority of those surveyed indicate that their company has created new jobs as a result of AI technology.

Capgemini has assembled a set of recommendations to assist organisations shape their AI investment decisions. This includes a roadmap to help organisations focus on areas where AI technology can have the most impact, guided by a clear strategy and leadership for implementation, mature governance, and the requisite skills and data.

Click here to download the full report.

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