CDHU uses Microsoft cloud technologies to enhance CRM

CDHU uses Microsoft cloud technologies to enhance CRM

Brazilian housing organisation implemented Dynamics 365 to develop a service channel and monitor calls

Elly Yates-Roberts |

CDHU, the housing and urban development company based in São Paulo, Brazil, has centralised its entire customer relationship management (CRM) process and developed a service channel using Microsoft cloud technologies. Now, users can monitor calls, manage financial processes and effectively serve the population.

CDHU has implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 as its CRM system, using it to centralise the data and incorporate a call centre, which is currently the main contact channel. The company has also acquired Power BI, Microsoft’s business intelligence tool, to promote better service management in several different areas.

The platform has registered more than 2.74 million occurrences, involving 395,000 contracts, 115 new housing units and 180,000 new registered citizens.

CDHU had previously decentralised its systems in connection with the state government secretariat but has since needed to monitor open tickets, avoid rework, reduce the use of paper, unify data and standardise service.     

“Based on this integration, we were able to centralise all the information and allow several areas to access the same database,” said Jaime Mesquita, superintendent of systems and information at CDHU. “This brought agility to the contract issuance process, as well as to the monitoring of data and the extraction of information.”

The platform has also been essential for financing housing units for those struggling with low incomes.

“Now, interested parties can simply install an application on their cell phones and fill in a simple form, whose information is stored in the system under a protocol,” said Mesquita. “With this, we were able to facilitate the registration process and reduce the cost of the operation for CDHU.”

CDHU has also implemented a chat service to assist citizens remotely and Power Apps, an application development platform, to carry out a diagnosis of housing units in irregular locations, identify community needs and create housing projects. The data gathered from this is processed in real time and synchronised with the CRM.

Finally, Microsoft Teams is being used to provide mobility to its employees; SharePoint as an intranet service; and Outlook as corporate email.

“CDHU does extremely important work for our company and it is gratifying for us to be able to collaborate so that they deliver an even more agile and analytical service in serving the population through the adoption of technology,” said Alessandra Karine, vice president for the public sector, education and health and leader of diversity and inclusion at Microsoft Brazil.

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