Cinnafilm and Support Partners to bring live video conversion to cloud

Cinnafilm and Support Partners to bring live video conversion to cloud
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Tachyon Live will be deployed exclusively on Microsoft Azure in late 2022

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Video optimisation solution provider Cinnafilm is collaborating with professional media services integrator Support Partners to bring a new live video standards conversion solution to Microsoft Azure. 

Tachyon Live will include standards conversion such as PAL to NTSC frame rate and format conversions, deinterlacing, and rescaling from standard definition through to ultra-high definition (UHD). Tachyon’s frame rate conversion engine can process conversions in UHD from 59.97 frames per second to 50 frames per second 54 per cent faster than real time in existing Azure Nvidia GPU-accelerated infrastructure, ensuring that frames are not dropped during live streams running through Azure. 

“The combination of image quality, speed and scalability that Tachyon Live brings to live streaming is unlike anything else in the industry,” said Lance Maurer, CEO and founder of Cinnafilm. “Collaborating with Support Partners and Microsoft to bring this amazing concept exclusively to Microsoft Azure will be a game-changer for how customers will deliver the highest possible quality video at scale.” 

Support Partners will work with Cinnafilm to package and deliver an accelerator for real-time, end-to-end live conversion in Microsoft Azure for customers. 

“Customers need the image quality power that Tachyon Live can bring to bear for them,” said Harry Grinling, CEO of Support Partners. “But they also need help getting their live video into the cloud safely to take advantage of what Cinnafilm offers. It is exciting that the technology evolution has reached a point that this is now possible.” 

Tachyon Live will be deployed exclusively on Azure in late 2022, with demonstrations to be available ahead of the launch. 

“Microsoft is pleased to be working with Cinnafilm and Support Partners to bring this to market on our platform,” said Simon Crownshaw, worldwide strategy director of media and entertainment at Microsoft. “UHD live content pushes the boundaries of what network and hardware can deliver at scale in the cloud; it is critical for partners like these to help us focus the power of Microsoft Azure into solutions that are ready to meet and exceed the media industry's needs.”

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