Cloud, data and AI to help businesses with digitalisation, says Microsoft

Cloud, data and AI to help businesses with digitalisation, says Microsoft

Microsoft Vietnam

Firm also shared how its solutions could help enterprises achieve these goals at event in Vietnam

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Microsoft Vietnam highlighted six key priorities that businesses should focus on to accelerate their digital transformation at the Microsoft Technology Summit 2022 in Vietnam on 7 December. The event was themed ‘Do more with less’.

“Over the years, we've talked a lot about digital transformation,” said Quynh Tram Nguyen, general director at Microsoft Vietnam. “The pandemic has pushed businesses of all sizes and industries around the world to adopt technology to be able to maintain operations and recover business. And now is the time when businesses need to focus on accelerating to achieve better results with fewer resources.”

The first priority is for enterprises to transfer data and existing applications to the cloud and build cloud-native applications.

Second, they should adopt artificial intelligence technology and build AI models to meet the growing need for generated data. AI can also help them to achieve their third priority, which is to embrace collaborative business processes. Supply chain and customer management applications as well as distribution channels can be connected and powered by AI, linking real life with the digital world.

Businesses also need to empower departments to help them access and use low-code and no-code tools, which are expected to be used in 70 per cent of application building by 2025. This would enable IT teams to work more efficiently.

In addition, organisations must provide flexible working environments for employees. Microsoft’s Work Trend Index 2022 report stated that 83 per cent of employees claim to be very productive in a hybrid work environment, and 72 per cent of employees wish for more learning opportunities at their companies. Therefore, businesses need to be able to provide flexibility and opportunities for development to boost performance.

Security is the final priority. Enterprises need to prioritise implementing multi-factor authentication and zero-trust architecture in every product, particularly smaller businesses as they are most vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.

Microsoft also highlighted how Vietnamese organisations can use its technologies to do more with fewer resources. It cited the benefits of solutions such as the Microsoft Azure Arc cloud solution, which can run on any on-premise, edge and multi-cloud environment; the low-code/no-code tools in the Microsoft Power Platform; the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform with Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft Purview and Microsoft AI, which can be used to create a unified database for building cloud-native applications; Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps; and more.

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