CloudMoyo launches new Azure-based crew management solution

CloudMoyo launches new Azure-based crew management solution
Technology uses artificial intelligence to enhance railway operating efficiency and agility

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft partner CloudMoyo has launched its new crew management solution CCM. The technology, which uses Microsoft Azure and its artificial intelligence (AI) services, aims to enhance railway operating efficiency and agility. 

CCM is built on the CloudMoyo Rail Transportation Management Platform and aims to deliver an enterprise-grade system to incorporate predictive crew optimisations, rather than the legacy crew calling, rostering and scheduling systems. 

“CloudMoyo is recognised as an innovative, customer-focused leader, delivering crew management and transportation management software for the rail and transportation industry,” said Manish Kedia, co-founder and CEO of CloudMoyo. “Our collaboration with Microsoft enables us to help joint railroad customers reimagine the railroad digitisation roadmap, improve their operating ratios and enable them to realise their vision of Precision Railroading.”

CCM also allows crew from all over to work through automated re-crewing operations, assigning crew members to trains by factoring in eligibility, hours of service and other compliances. It manages worklists for yard crew and calculates pay rates based on the applicable union agreements. It also now features a self-service mobile app that enables crew to accept or reject requests and initiate leave applications from their phone. 

“Microsoft Azure delivers industry leading cloud services, including advanced analytics and AI while delivering the scale for mission-critical enterprise applications for the railroad industry,” said Kristina Nissen, general manager of Microsoft. 

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