CompanyNet selected for G-Cloud 10 framework

CompanyNet selected for G-Cloud 10 framework

UK government initiative aims to ease procurement and promote the adoption of cloud services

Richard Humphreys |

Microsoft partner CompanyNet has been selected for the UK Government’s G-Cloud 10 framework.

G-Cloud 10 is the latest iteration of the UK government’s initiative to ease procurement of cloud services by government departments and promote the government-wide adoption of cloud computing.

G-Cloud comprises a series of framework agreements with cloud services suppliers (including Microsoft), and a list of their services in an online store called the Digital Marketplace. This enables public-sector organisations to compare and procure those services without having to do their own full review process.

Inclusion in the Digital Marketplace requires a self-attestation of compliance, followed by a verification performed by the Government Digital Service (GDS) branch at its discretion.

“The news builds on our many successful years of experience providing cloud consultancy and solutions for the public sector, having previously been awarded places on every G-Cloud framework from G-Cloud 3 onwards,” explains Taras Young, CompanyNet’s marketing manager. “G-Cloud 10 lets us offer a wide range of services to customers who choose to procure through the Digital Marketplace.”

“Engagement with the public sector has always played a crucial role in CompanyNet’s vision,” added CompanyNet’s CEO Andy Hamilton. “As a company, we are driven by the desire to help public sector organisations deliver better, more efficient and beneficial public services by exploiting new technologies like Office 365 and new thinking like the ADKAR people change model. Our inclusion on G-Cloud 10 reflects our commitment to this approach and the quality and quantity of great opportunities emerging from the public sector, particularly in Scotland.”

CompanyNet is currently listed on the G-Cloud 10 Digital Marketplace under the following categories: Kira intranet solution for SharePoint; SharePoint Online consultancy services; Office 365 cloud consultancy; End to end Office 365 enablement services; Cloud migration services; Huddle collaboration consultancy and support; and Dynamics 365 consultancy and support. As a result, it has already been selected to help create a digital workplace for the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). This will involve the implementation of Kira, CompanyNet’s SharePoint intranet solution.



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