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Coservit solutions provide ‘smarter routes to sales growth’

Coservit solutions provide ‘smarter routes to sales growth’
LeadSeed and ServiceNav software for sales growth is now available to Microsoft partners

Elly Yates-Roberts |

French software firm Coservit has worked with Microsoft France to develop versions of its LeadSeed and ServiceNav software for Microsoft partners. The new solutions were first unveiled at July’s Microsoft Inspire event in Washington, D.C.

LeadSeed is a lead generation solution designed to boost its users’ digital presence and increase the number and quality of generated leads. ServiceNav provides monitoring and inventory capabilities that allows users to deliver high margin, value-added services to their clients.

The second is ServiceNav, a monitoring and inventory solution that allows Microsoft partners to deliver high margin, value-added services to clients.

According to Coservit, ServiceNav offers both improved functional capabilities and an international presence.

“LeadSeed delivers better qualified new business opportunities, strengthens customer relationships and improves sales efficiency. Coservit, with its 100% indirect strategy, intends to position itself as a player of choice for Microsoft partners and be recognised within the Microsoft ecosystem as a premium player in the monitoring space,” said François Mateo, the firm’s CEO. “Our solutions change the way teams work, enabling organisations to be more efficient and profitable than ever before. Working closely with our partners to provide innovative products and a flexible and agile service is fundamental to our mutual success and rewarding working relationships.”

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