Creating professional productions at a low cost

Creating professional productions at a low cost

Evertz’s Azure-based solution is helping media and communications firms to deliver high-quality live events  

Mo Goyal |

Enterprise customers are increasingly using live video as the preferred means of communication for their important events, such as board and shareholder meetings, product launches, conferences, and webinars.  

Over the past few years, these events have no longer been limited to in-person attendees but have instead been opened up to a global audience that uses laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices to participate. To satisfy this global audience and ensure consistent user experiences and engagement levels, enterprises must deliver reliable, high-quality, low-latency mixed media content.

Evertz’s DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio, a managed application delivered on Microsoft Azure, is an all-in-one virtual production studio that allows enterprises to produce live mixed media events and stream it to any platform.

DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio includes all the tools needed to create broadcast quality productions. It captures multiple live camera feeds and Microsoft Teams participants and mixes them with other media, including video and audio. Creators and producers can enhance their production with comprehensive audio mixing, multiple video overlays and transitions, slow motion replays, highlight packages, and data-driven dynamic graphics.

By leveraging the global presence of Microsoft Azure and harnessing the advantages of a cloud platform, Evertz can provide content creators with access to all of BRAVO Studio’s tools via an intuitive web interface. This empowers them to professionally produce and deliver high-quality live experiences that tell compelling stories to global audiences via any platform, from anywhere in the world. Thanks to its ability to allow enterprises to professionally amplify their message using live events, BRAVO Studio allows small teams to create experiences consistently in high-quality at lower costs.

Adding BRAVO Studio to Microsoft Azure Marketplace is helping Microsoft to expand its media and entertainment sector offerings.

“With the addition of Evertz's BRAVO Studio to the Azure Marketplace, we’re extending our platform to support the growing needs for live event production of the enterprise, media and entertainment industries – bringing a more scalable and flexible solution for content creation using the cloud,” said Simon Crownshaw, director of worldwide business strategy, media and entertainment at Microsoft.

Mo Goyal is senior director of international business development at Evertz

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