Delivering high-impact transformation with Nintex

Delivering high-impact transformation with Nintex

Process Centres of Excellence can help businesses create products, reduce costs and delight customers 

Eric Johnson |

According to the 2020 Forrester Digital Process Automation survey, an alarming 66 per cent of companies have reported that their processes could not support new work-from-home environments – or could only do so in part.

Despite the challenges over the last two years (or perhaps because of them), the need for businesses to transform digitally and move more rapidly and intelligently has continued to escalate. 

Understandably, many organisations find themselves wondering what the secret ingredient is to reach greater levels of digital capability. In our experience, the answer lies in a high-performance engine and culture, which is achievable through a Process Centre of Excellence (PCoE). By allowing relevant stakeholders like business owners, development operations , IT, and more to determine shared goals, PCoEs liberate teams from silos and begin to drive more rapid end-to-end transformation. 

As collaboration flourishes around a framework of shared priorities, approaches and eventually processes, organisations can enjoy multiple long-term benefits resulting from their operational excellence culture. New initiatives can be assessed, mapped out and executed at an accelerated pace, while the inevitable amount of rework, integration and expense that result from fragmented processes is reduced. Teams across the organisation can also understand what can be achieved with this new approach and digital maturity is accelerated, allowing organisations to keep pace with customer expectations. Change management programmes are also boosted through common frameworks that ensure everyone is on the same page.  

There is no denying that the rise of digital business, coupled with the expectation of organisations to evolve rapidly and intelligently, has highlighted the strategic importance of PCoEs. The value they contribute to your organisation is far-reaching, impacting organisational culture, increasing performance, contributing to the bottom line, and engaging your teams.  

Companies across every industry have been compelled to pivot, adapt and evolve quickly and thoughtfully over the last couple of years. Those who have seen the change as an opportunity to embrace modern approaches like PCoEs have been empowered to rapidly create new products and services, reduce cost, keep pace with the speed of change, and delight their customers.  

Eric Johnson is CEO at Nintex 

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