Designing and delivering digital engines with Grazitti Interactive

Designing and delivering digital engines with Grazitti Interactive

Alok Ramsisaria discusses the innovations the firm is developing for a new business environment 

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Since 2008, global services provider Grazitti Interactive has been helping businesses build digital engines to better engage with their customers and prospects via its consulting, implementation and cloud innovation services, along with products including SearchUnify.

The enterprise search solution was first launched to help organisations unify their siloed information and make it searchable but has since evolved into a platform that automates the complete support cycle, from self-service and agent support to knowledge management. 

Alok Ramsisaria, CEO of Grazitti Interactive, says that SearchUnify is designed to help businesses deliver highly personalised and proactive customer service experiences at scale. 

“Leveraging powerful out-of-the-box native connectors, the solution unifies enterprise data scattered across disparate content sources and indexes it,” he says. “Its machine learning algorithms analyse every user search query along with signals and patterns from the user profile, journey, purchase history, and other users’ behaviour to understand the query in context. Using these insights and learning from historical usage analytics data, it automatically surfaces the most relevant and hyper-personalised results on the top, which leads to customer self-service success and agent efficiency. Its suite of AI-powered applications equip businesses with tools to future-proof their customer service ecosystem and deliver proactive and personalised service.” 

Several of Grazitti’s solutions and products, including SearchUnify, Sinergify and Cartiveo, leverage the power and capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and Microsoft365. The company views these as vital in the future of business operations and is aiming to help drive their adoption among customers. 

“Grazitti firmly believes that new technology trends are accelerating innovation,” says Alok. “AI and the cloud get a lot of attention and are the key to achieving digital transformation. However, only a few enterprises have just scratched the surface of what is possible and have gained significant business benefits. We’ve been working closely with enterprises’ support, success and knowledge teams, and are investing heavily in applications that tap into the potential of real AI and cloud technology to power proactive support and personalised experiences across an enterprise.” 

Alok believes that Grazitti’s products and Services can play an important role in helping organisations to deliver value as they make the transition to digital operations. 

“A digital transformation demands a fundamental change in every area of the business,” he says. “Grazitti has been a leading player in building accessible, low-code, and cloud-based services and products and services that help businesses scale at a sustainable pace. We believe that the goal isn’t just to become digital but also to generate value for the business. Our suite of products is built to help both the world’s leading organisations and nimble start-ups to increase customer value, enhance efficiency, and navigate steadily through the new market reality. 

Grazitti’s partnership with Microsoft has been particularly valuable in helping it to address the needs of the many customers who make use of Microsoft technologies. It offers technical advice and support for Microsoft products including Dynamics, Power Automate, SharePoint and Azure. 

“We pride ourselves in being a Microsoft Gold Partner, because this has enabled us to build and deliver custom Microsoft business solutions to solve unique challenges of businesses that have invested heavily in Microsoft products,” says Alok. 

As the company looks towards the future, it is concentrating on investing in its products and services to add value for its customers as they adapt to the new realities of working after the pandemic. 

“Our relentless focus has always been on driving successful future innovation and technology adoption and it isn’t going to change anytime soon,” says Alok. “We know the business landscape has altered drastically and thus, we continue to prioritise driving technology adoption and investing in building digital solutions that add long-term value and substance to an organisation. In essence, we are fostering a deep focus on purpose, value creation and impact, and we plan to achieve this by offering ­customer-centred products, services and experiences.”  

Forrester names SearchUnify a ‘strong performer’ 

Grazitti Interactive’s SearchUnify unified cognitive platform was named a ‘strong performer’ in Forrester Research’s report The Forrester Wave: Cognitive Search Q3 2021. SearchUnify earned the highest possible score in four total criteria in the report: analytics, applications, search and usability.  

“The potential of AI starts where the scope of automation ends,” said Vishal Sharma, CTO of SearchUnify.  

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