Dynamics 365 is powering digital transformation, according to Chris Stieber

Dynamics 365 is powering digital transformation, according to Chris Stieber

Upland Software’s solutions consultant discusses how technologies like Dynamics 365 can help businesses to capitalise on opportunities for enhanced productivity organisations when they embark on digital transformation journeys 

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Whilst organisations may face some challenges in adapting to the current era of work, implementing the right solutions can drive multiple business improvements, according to Chris Stieber, solutions consultant at Upland Software. 

“Organisations are being presented with the opportunity to enhance productivity and operations through strategic considerations,” says Stieber. “One key aspect of this involves embracing digital transformation by adopting solutions that automate processes, facilitate collaboration and support remote work.”  

Cloud adoption is key to making the most of digital transformation, says Stieber. “Leveraging solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers advantages in terms of scalability, data centralisation, and accessibility. Data-driven decision-making empowers businesses to make informed choices and identify areas for optimisation.” 

One way organisations can drive effective business transformation with Dynamics 365 is by connecting the platform with their existing phone system. 

“Integrating an organisation’s business phone system with Dynamics 365, particularly through computer telephony integration (CTI), brings forth a range of benefits for both employees and customers,” says Stieber. “It streamlines call handling processes by displaying customer information during incoming calls, allowing employees to offer personalised assistance promptly. 

“Employees can also tailor interactions, which results in an elevated customer experience. The synergy between the phone system and the customer relationship management system also automates tasks such as call logging, which reduces manual input and saves valuable time.” 

Upland Software’s InGenius solution is helping organisations integrate Dynamics 365 and improve customer communications. 

“The Upland suite of solutions encompasses tools such as CTI and helps businesses to capture and analyse customer feedback to enhance satisfaction,” says Stieber. “Upland Software also provides document and knowledge management systems for managing critical business documents.” 

Upland Software is focused on developing new solutions to meet the needs of organisations as the workplace continues to evolve and customer expectations change. 

“Upland Software is enhancing its support for remote work by developing tools that facilitate collaboration and communication,” says Stieber. “Furthermore, the integration of artificial intelligence and automation technologies into Upland solutions is optimising processes and enriching customer interactions. 

“Upland Software’s commitment to user-centric design ensures that our software remains intuitive and user-friendly, catering to the diverse needs of the evolving workforce.” 

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