Episerver launches App Marketplace to power digital commerce

Episerver launches App Marketplace to power digital commerce
Platform enables customers to browse and buy applications from verified technology providers

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Software provider Episerver has launched the Episerver App Marketplace to enable customers to browse and buy applications from dozens of verified technology providers spanning multiple use cases.

Episerver tests each app for operation, security and user interface compatibility with its own products to ensure customers can maximise their investments and extend functionality with the best add-on solutions.  

“In the digital economy, organisations must take advantage of a wide range of applications and services to successfully engage with and delight their customers,” said Jordan Jewell, research manager for digital commerce and enterprise applications at IDC. “Application marketplaces, such as the one Episerver has launched, provide value for all parties involved by acting as an infrastructure to connect Episerver's partners and customers, while also ensuring a higher standard for those apps.

“As the enterprise applications market moves further towards cloud and software-as-a-service, IDC believes customers will see more benefits from app marketplaces with more streamlined contracts, payments and deployment.”

The Episerver App Marketplace offers over 50 apps ranging from analytics and asset management to tax compliance and translation functionality.

“Apps are not a new concept to the technology community, but we’re bringing a fresh viewpoint to increase value to customers and partners,” said Ed Kennedy, senior director of commerce strategy at Episerver. “Since there are no commissions and revenue-sharing with partners, we simplify the process for all of those involved to make the experience as seamless as today’s business buyer expects.”

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