Episerver to enhance digital experiences with Optimizely

Episerver to enhance digital experiences with Optimizely
Firm‘s customers will gain better understanding of the outcomes of different digital options

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft partner Episerver is acquiring Optimizely, a software firm that specializes in improving customers’ digital experiences. 

Episerver says that “customers no longer expect simple websites but rather highly personalised and differentiated experiences” and that its acquisition of Optimizely can give digital teams “the ability to understand how their actions are impacting their customers so they can act more intentionally”. 

“The breakthrough combination of Episerver and Optimizely will transform digital experience creation and optimisation, enabling digital teams to replace guesswork with evidence-based outcomes,” said Alex Atzberger, CEO of Episerver. “This, along with our shared mission to empower growing companies to compete digitally, makes me thrilled to welcome the Optimizely team to Episerver, as we prove there are no extraordinary experiences without experimentation.”

The move will bring together Episerver’s ability to create digital experiences through content and commerce and Optimizely’s expertise in improving customer experiences, having worked with companies such as Peloton, Nike and Uber. Together, the firms say they will enable their customers to experiment with front-end layouts and back-end logic; gain real-time insights to create more responsive customer experiences; and measure the outcomes of different options which can drive transformation, customer engagement and brand differentiation.

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