Fellowmind helps Spinnova transform textile production with Microsoft tools

Fellowmind helps Spinnova transform textile production with Microsoft tools

Dynamics 365 and Azure helped the firm monitor and control its growing business

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Technology provider Fellowmind is helping Spinnova to transform modern textile production by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure. 

Spinnova has developed a technology to make textiles from wood and waste streams without the use of harmful chemicals. The material is biodegradable and recyclable, and its production does not create any waste, by-products or microplastics. In preparation for its global rollout, the company needed to digitise its operations, so sought help from Fellowmind. 

“The carbon dioxide emissions of the fibre production we develop are about 65 per cent lower than in the production of cotton from its cultivation to the production of fibre, and significantly lower than in the production of polyester and viscose,” said Sanna Haavisto, information solutions manager at Spinnova. 

Fellowmind helped the firm create a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Azure technologies that would enable employees to monitor and control its growing operations in real time and based on the right information. 

“Of all the system vendors we met, only Fellowmind was able to introduce the new ERP as quickly as we needed,” said Haavisto. “By working together in efficient workshops, we were able to clarify the minimum level of requirements and the key processes that got us started. Since then, the development has been easy to continue, and we are constantly introducing new features as needed.”

The solution enables Spinnova to build more efficient reporting, improve process transparency, and facilitates the planning and monitoring of the business as a whole. Spinnova employees can manage operations with the right information at all stages of any process, react quickly to deviations, and automate steps that were previously manual. 

The partnership with Fellowmind has unified Spinnova’s information systems into one seamless entity. As the textile manufacturer continues to grow its business – for example through collaborations with brand such as Adidas and Marimekk – Haavisto believes the ERP solution will provide an excellent foundation into the future.  

“The most valuable thing in working with Fellowmind was the experts’ excellent understanding of our situation and key needs,” he said. “We didn't have to wade through hundreds of rows of tables for different requirements. Instead, we were able to exchange thoughts about our needs with Fellowmind's experts, who in turn found the right approach for this project and made it happen.”

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