Fellowmind helps Swedish condom maker migrate to Dynamics 365 in just three months

Fellowmind helps Swedish condom maker migrate to Dynamics 365 in just three months


RFSU can now easily update its Business Central environment and focus on more engaging and value-adding ERP activities

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Microsoft partner Fellowmind helped sexual health and well-being product manufacturer RFSU to modernise operations by migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in just three months.  

RFSU encountered serious problems in 2021 after a few years of struggling to use its legacy, on-premises Microsoft Navision enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in an increasingly digital world.  

“Our business solution was badly neglected, and this was starting to spill over into our processes,” said Erik Gudmundsson, chief digital officer at RFSU. “It was also a concern that Microsoft does not offer any support for old installations like ours.”  

After exploring its options, the team at RFSU decided to continue using a Microsoft solution. “It was important for us to choose an ERP following the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model,” said Gudmundsson. “The large ecosystem of apps expanding the standard functionality of Dynamics 365 and the fact that we already have a clear Microsoft footprint within the company were also strong contributing factors.”  

RFSU turned to Fellowmind to help it access the benefits of a modern SaaS ERP solution like Dynamics 365 Business Central. Fellowmind carried out extensive preparatory work to streamline and harmonise RFSU’s basic data. The implementation project took three months, enabling RFSU to go live with its new Business Central environment in May 2022. 

“We knew the schedule was ambitious, but with a lot of dedication from our department heads and every employee involved, we managed to finish on time – and under budget,” said Gudmundsson.  

Gudmundsson highlights the lack of customisation as a crucial factor in accelerating the timeline of the implementation. “We were determined to implement a standard version of Business Central. This makes it simple to receive the continuous updates Microsoft makes to the platform.” 

When there was a need for non-standard functionality, RSFU and Fellowmind decided to add third-party applications with pre-configured integrations to Business Central. These included Pagero for electronic invoicing, SignUp Software’s Exflow for invoice scanning, Tasklet Factory for the handheld computer solution, and add-ons from IT.Integros to handle master data and intercompany management. 

RFSU AB will now continue to invest in Dynamics 365 Business Central and related applications. 

“Now that we have a foundation that is continuously updated, we can focus our energy on more engaging and value-adding activities related to the ERP solution,” said Gudmundsson. 

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