Five tips for successfully navigating digital transformation

Five tips for successfully navigating digital transformation

The Microsoft Business team has come up with five tips that will help CXOs stay ahead of the game

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As enterprises across the globe focus their efforts on digitisation, the Microsoft Business team has come up with five tips that will help CXOs and senior decision makers to stay ahead of the game in the new era.

“For CXOs and senior decision makers, it may seem like all work and no play. But technology, especially new and emerging technology, should be enjoyable. Digital transformation is a technology-driven movement that helps organisations of all shapes and sizes reimagine possibilities and reinvent their processes. Becoming a digital-first enterprise means embracing the era of digital transformation to achieve your goals and make a lasting impact on your employees, customers, and the global community,” explains the Microsoft Business team in an article published on

According to the team, a major benefit of digital transformation is the time it saves, allowing more productivity in your organisation. This includes freeing up leaders to do more to engage their employees, build meaningful relationships, and transform their services. “Imagine walking into your office having more hands on deck. Business is growing. Services are evolving. Your employees tell you how they feel supported and energised (and it’s not just the coffee talking). All of this is a direct result of your leadership, and your willingness to embrace change. Through a digital transformation, you encourage stronger communication and collaboration across the board. Through a digital transformation, you create a productive, fun work environment.”

So how can CXOs embrace the digital transformation? The Microsoft Business team offers the following five suggestions:

1. Remember to always keep your goals at the forefront
2. Always be on the lookout for current trends and innovations
3. Do your best to leverage technology and maximise productivity
4. Interact with colleagues and share stories of best practices
5. Ponder different solutions and search for business transformation strategies

To hear more about digital transformation from industry thought leaders, Microsoft is livestreaming the morning sessions of its CXO Summit on Wednesday, March 29th from 11:15am-2:30pm ET. Register to watch the Virtual CXO Summit here.

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