Formpipe Lasernet celebrates 30 years of success

Formpipe Lasernet celebrates 30 years of success

Microsoft Gold Partner puts its longevity down to being customer and partner-orientated

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Formpipe Lasernet is celebrating 30 years of success as a leader in software innovation. The Microsoft Gold Partner puts its longevity down to being customer and partner-orientated. 

Its early success was attributed to expanding from a hardware box to a cloud-based software product. Since then, the firm has worked with businesses that experience challenges associated with managing large quantities of documents. As such, Formpipe provided a solution for all customer communication needs, making the management of these documents more streamline.  

More recently the team at Formpipe focussed their energy on creating easy-to-use graphical interfaces that speed up the process of creating documents. The firm aims to continually improve its software to ensure that layout for print or electronic distribution is simple and accurate. Formpipe’s innovation has also provided its clients with better functionality such as faster enterprise resource planning upgrades to simplify archiving, scanning and legislative management. 

“There are not many businesses that can say they have been in operation for 30 years especially in the software industry,” said Mike Rogers, director of Private Sector Sales and Marketing at Formpipe Lasernet. “Our success and longevity are due to the advanced capabilities and continuous improvements of our products. We have stayed true to our core of what we do and have been doing for 30 years - we are the specialists.

“Our next big opportunity is the US market and this is somewhere we are seeing rapid growth. The new connectors are without a doubt the way the market is expected to go. The private sector is also another big opportunity for us, we now have the opportunity to build on software that’s in other parts of the business and bring it into Lasernet and the network of customers and partners.”

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