Formpipe Lasernet partners with Dynamics 365 reseller MS POS

Formpipe Lasernet partners with Dynamics 365 reseller MS POS
Partnership will enable growth across Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Formpipe Lasernet, a provider of document output management solutions for Microsoft Dynamics, has partnered with Polish Microsoft Dynamics 365 reseller MS POS.

The partnership will enable MS POS to become Formpipe Lasernet’s key distributor in the Polish market and will also increase Formpipe Lasernet’s portfolio of certified partners aiding the company’s growth strategy across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

With over 30 years ‘experience in IT business solutions, MS POS serves approximately 50 customers by providing software solutions and offering support in hardware selection and installation.

Formpipe Lasernet sponsored the MS POS Summit 2018 in Łódź, Poland from May 5-6. MS POS then signed its first customer to Lasernet, electrical goods supplier Alfa Elektro.

“MS POS is exactly the right partner to propel Lasernet in the Polish market,” said Allen Jones, managing director of Formpipe Lasernet. “They have firmly established themselves as a serious player in the Microsoft Dynamics space and are investing substantial resources to achieve a leader role in a booming market. As a result, Lasernet’s cooperation team were already prepared for their first customer, which has since been achieved within a few weeks of establishing our new partnership. Formpipe looks forward to ensuring that our Polish customers have access to both cutting edge technology, and local expertise during their digital transformations.”

Commenting on the partnership, Michal Sopinski, vice president of MS POS Poland said “It’s an exciting time to partner with Formpipe Lasernet and leverage the firm’s expertise in document output management. In addition to serving as a key distributor of Formpipe Lasernet, we’ll also be providing on-going tech support, customer events and various marketing activities in an effort to spread awareness of the unique offering we bring to the table, together.”

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