FotoWare software now used by over 80% of UK police forces

FotoWare software now used by over 80% of UK police forces

The solution helps officers work more efficiently by speeding up administration

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Norwegian software company FotoWare has created a digital evidence management (DEM) solution that is now being used by 35 of 42 UK police forces, plus others worldwide. The software helps officers work more efficiently by speeding up and accurately carrying out administration and evidence control tasks. 

The Microsoft Cloud Platform Gold Partner’s DEM solution allows evidential proof to be tested with a view to building a case to bring before the courts. Since investigations are time-critical, using software to fine-tune the processes involved is an important step to successfully securing the outcome of a court case.

FotoWare’s DEM solution runs on-premise on the Windows Server platform, and users can access the system through a web browser interface and mobile applications. FotoWare also has cloud-based offerings hosted by Microsoft Azure, but national security legislation is still holding many police forces back from fully moving to cloud.

The DEM market is growing due to the increasing rate of digital crimes, growing government concerns towards evidence security, as well as the adoption of new technologies by police forces, to record and investigate evidence.

"It's really vital that all companies, especially police forces, keep up with the on-going digital transformation,” said Anne Gretland, CEO of FotoWare. “Making use of new technologies is extremely important, otherwise, you risk being left behind. The work that is being done by police, healthcare professionals, and teachers is critical to looking after all of us in society, so the fact that FotoWare is able to contribute to that - helping police to work more efficiently and making it easier for them to solve crime - is something we're really proud of.”

In addition, FotoWare has been named as one of the top three DEM providers, alongside IBM and Oracle.

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