GCI wins Skype for Business contact centre contract with Shelter

GCI wins Skype for Business contact centre contract with Shelter
Move will allow the charity to use cloud-based technology to run a more flexible contact centre 

Elly Yates-Roberts |

ICT service provider GCI has won a Skype for Business contact centre contract with UK housing and homelessness charity Shelter.

The move will allow Shelter to use the latest cloud-based technology, run a more flexible contact centre and support the 60,000 people that contact the charity every year for help with housing needs.

“Staffed by just 30 housing advisers, we spent an average of 25 minutes talking to each of the 60,580 people that we helped last year,” said Stuart Moore, head of telephone and online advice services at Shelter. “Additionally, we assisted 26,599 via web chat and saw 5.6 million people face to face. It is vital that we look to improve our service further. This means integrating our operations more closely across channels whilst having the ability to scale up when we need to. Using GCI for this deployment will help us do that.”

GCI will deploy a Skype for Business contact centre solution across all of Shelter’s 44 sites. The solution, delivered in conjunction with Enghouse Interactive, takes an omni-channel approach and means all users will receive the same level of service regardless of whether they get in contact by phone, online chat or social media.

“We’re delighted to be able to support such a worthwhile charity in enabling them to do even more good,” said Peter Watson, senior solutions consultant for Not-for Profit and Housing at GCI. “Failing to help even one person is unacceptable for Shelter, and we are confident that this solution and our partnership will enable them to successfully reach more people more quickly than ever before.”

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