Global CIO for Domino’s praises Microsoft Azure

Global CIO for Domino’s praises Microsoft Azure

Wayne McMahon commends Microsoft Azure for being scalable, robust, secure and globally available

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In an article written for Microsoft’s press site Wayne McMahon, Global CIO for Domino’s, has commended Microsoft Azure, saying that it has enabled the international pizza company to have global reach and hyperscale.

“As the Group CIO for Domino’s I’m one of the executives responsible for a truly digital and increasingly global business,” he said. “My role is to ensure the solutions we serve up engage our customers and keep them coming back – that means I need a computing platform that is scalable, robust, secure and globally available.

“For Domino’s that’s Microsoft Azure. Since I joined the company six years ago we have been on a journey to the cloud, initially adopting Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Over time Azure’s PaaS offering matured, and its footprint extended globally, so we decided to move key digital systems off Amazon’s AWS and into Azure.

“The reason is simple; we sell pizzas but we see ourselves very much as a digital business and our customers increasingly order and interact with us through our digital solutions. It gives them choice and convenience, they can order online using any device they want, and already more than 60% of orders come through the online system.”

McMahon goes on to explain that Domino’s digital platform gets the company closer to the customer. “They can order online, track their pizza through the making, baking and delivery process and they can provide feedback that we can use to fine tune our services. We’re continually innovating, adding value – a recent example was the world first delivery of a pizza by drone to a customer in New Zealand.

“I need scale to service Domino’s’ growing global customer base. I need scale in my solutions, I need scale in my people. I need scale in my partners. I never want to be in a position where the business wants to do something and I cannot – because I do not have the resources to do it or the know-how or the technology.

“That’s why all our core business systems – our digital ordering systems, our Dynamics ERP, back office operations and supply chain systems – are in the cloud.”

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