Go Compare to use Microsoft AI to reduce customers’ energy bills

Go Compare to use Microsoft AI to reduce customers’ energy bills

Price comparison firm uses Azure Databricks to improve its services

Elly Yates-Roberts |

Price comparison firm Go Compare will use Microsoft artificial intelligence (AI) services to reduce customers’ energy bills. 

AutoSave, part of GoCo Group, has developed software to automatically switch customers to their cheapest provider, and MyVoucherCodes, also part of GoCo Group, is working on an AI tool to recommend vouchers. 

Microsoft says that both developments “are run on Microsoft Azure Databricks, which provides GoCo Group data scientists a single platform to develop machine learning models across all of their brands” and that the platform “helps the team search for insights to help improve the services they provide”.

“The aim of the data science team is to build products that our customers find intrinsically useful,” said Seb Chakraborty, chief technology officer at GoCo Group. “They’ll be doing that through machine learning and AI to solve customers’ real problems.

“We chose Microsoft because it has so many capabilities and features in the machine learning space. We can use those capabilities in the products and features that we offer our customers, and it particularly helps us save them more time and more money.”

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