Halberstadtwerke uses Hexagon to manage and protect network services

Halberstadtwerke uses Hexagon to manage and protect network services

Implementation has improved performance and reduced costs and administration

Elly Yates-Roberts |

German utilities provider Halberstadtwerke is using technology from Hexagon to manage its services and detect and diagnose network problems. With Hexagon’s advanced utility geographic information system (GIS) solution, the organisation can access location-based information for its network that spans over 779 kilometres. 

Halberstadtwerke delivers electricity, natural gas, water and heating services to approximately 45,000 customers. By implementing Hexagon solutions, the firm has consolidated multiple network systems into one, which has improved performance, reduced maintenance costs and administrative tasks, and strengthened quality assurance. The GIS solution also gives field workers access to crucial information whatever their location. 

“At Halberstadtwerke, we strive to be the single source for our customers’ utility needs,” said Martin Hase, administrator of network information system at Halberstadtwerke. “To ensure superb delivery of reliable services, we needed a network solution we could trust, and we knew Hexagon would be an excellent partner. Its utility GIS has been an effective solution for our needs and has helped us improve our network operations management and maintenance.”

The Hexagon solution also delivers diagnostic capabilities by evaluating and notifying its user when there is damage to the network or if action needs to be taken. 

“Hexagon has a long history of supporting utilities across Germany and the world,” said Maximilian Weber, a safety, infrastructure and geospatial lead at Hexagon. “Having a complete view of the network is key to delivering reliable services, so we are proud to expand our relationship with Halberstadtwerke and help them solve their network management needs.”

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