Happy holidays to all Technology Record readers!

Happy holidays to all Technology Record readers!

We’ve handpicked five of our best pieces from 2023 for you to read over the festive break

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From reporting on the exciting innovations in the technology space to celebrating our 30th issue, 2023 has been an action-packed year for the Technology Record team. We will now be taking a short break for the holidays and our normal coverage about the best of enterprise technology solutions from Microsoft and its partner ecosystem will resume in the first week of January 2024. 

Until then, why not check out some of our highlights from 2023? Here’s a handpicked selection of five of our most popular stories from the past year: 

1. Unleashing the potential of AI 

Microsoft’s 2023 Future of Finance Trends report found that 88 per cent of financial teams are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of data they are handling, and artificial intelligence-powered solutions have the potential to help. Microsoft’s Roni Karassik, director of product for Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services and industry AI, and Philippe Brissaud, product operations lead for Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services and industry AI, share some of the opportunities the technology can provide for financial service providers in the Financial Services feature of our Spring 2023 issue

2. The road to 2030 

A decade of change, AI and cloud technology are set to shape the media industry dramatically by 2030 by empowering content creators to deliver transformative new experiences to audiences. “Platform creation, customer engagement and technological advancement represent three amazing pillars that Microsoft can drive going forward, backed by the cloud and AI,” said Simon Crownshaw, worldwide strategy director for media and entertainment at Microsoft in the Media feature of our Summer 2023 issue

3. Effectively equipping frontline workers 

According to Alfonso Rodriguez Lepage, director of product marketing for manufacturing at Microsoft, the manufacturing industry is currently navigating a complex landscape of challenges when attracting and retaining talented employees. To address these challenges, Rodriguez advises organisations to integrate technology that can equip workers with the right skills and tools that can improve collaboration and efficiency. Read the full article in our Autumn 2023 issue

4. The road to recovery 

The healthcare industry is still facing struggles as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, with increasing costs, clinician shortages and longer waiting times being noted by organisations around the globe. Microsoft’s David Rhew, global chief medical officer and vice president of healthcare, discusses the important role that data plays and how the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is supporting organisations looking to improve their operational efficiency in our Spring 2023 Public Sector feature.    

5. Cross-border protection 

“Many organisations want to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud while also managing their data in accordance with local policies and regulatory requirements,” said Kathleen Mitford, corporate vice president of global industry marketing at Microsoft, when discussing the importance of data protection. We hear from Mitford and Satish Thomas, corporate vice president of Microsoft Industry Clouds, on how Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty is helping organisations to accelerate digital transformation while remaining secure and vigilant of compliance and security risks in the Cover Story of our Winter 2023 issue

We have barely scratched the surface of some of the incredible insights we have received this year from Microsoft executives and industry leaders across all sectors. You can find the four issues of Technology Record magazine that were published this year here: 

Spring 2023, Summer 2023, Autumn 2023, Winter 2023

Many thanks to all of our readers and partners who have contributed to and supported Technology Record in 2023, and here’s to another year of innovation and transformation starting with our Spring 2024 issue. Subscribe to receive your copy

Happy holidays to all, see you in 2024! 

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